Speaking without Fear

To be fearless is to face life head on, to embrace each moment without worrying about what the next one will bring.   The people who spoke at Jen’s service honored Jen's fearless spirit by emulating it-- speaking honestly, with raw emotion and without hesitation or fear.  The eulogies from that day offered heartfelt words to help us all celebrate the beauty of Jen’s life and the lessons she taught us, lessons we will all hopefully carry with us as we too aspire to be maybe just a little more fearless.

Some people have asked to spend time with those words, and so we offer them here.  Below you will find links to the eulogies that were offered by people who so clearly loved Jen. In addition, there are also links to obituaries written about Jen in various print and online media.

Whether you were at the service to hear the words in person or you read them here, it is clear that the emotions behind them are powerful.  One over-arching theme is Jen's unstoppable zeal for life and her commitment to make the world a better place, something we all witnessed.

Knowing Jen, you will probably not be surprised by her ability to deliver on her ambitions. Jen set goals for herself and she achieved them.

During the service, Jen’s rabbi since childhood, Rabbi Peter Kasdan, reflected on their mutual relationship as student and teacher. In his remarks, Rabbi Kasdan remembered a list of goals Jen wrote to prepare for her wedding day, entitled “What I Want Out of Life”:

1.  To feel like I have made a positive change in people’s lives.

2.  To find the right balance between family and career.

3.  To never stop dreaming - and traveling -and learning - and striving for new levels of happiness and success.

4.  To know that I am loved and make sure that others know how much I love them.

5.  To never look back and say, “I wish I did that!”

After reflecting on the deep love and incredible stories that were shared at the service in the words below, there is no doubt that Jen would check the box for each one of these goals…again and again.



I came across Jen's Blog

I came across Jen's Blog shortly after she passed. I was so inspired I read the blog from start to finish. Thank you Jen and Dave and to all those around her that loved her!

Thank you so much for posting

Thank you so much for posting these! I was in the French alps climbing mountains on my bike (inspired by Jen and CFS, of course!) when I heard the sad news of Jen's passing and though I had my own little conversation with Jen at the top of the Galibier that Friday, my thoughts were with you all at the service in New York.
So...though it was perhaps a mistake to read these eulogies at my desk at work (I hear mascara on your cheeks is all the rage these days...) the wonderful words of Jen's family and friends have reminded me all over again to remember and honor Jen's memory by being the best, most fearless, version of myself every day. To that end, I plan to read them again whenever I'm tempted to let fear hold me back and I'll see you in NY for CFS 2012!
Love you Jen -- you'll always be at the top of of every mountain I climb xx
--Emily Lyons